A HEALTHY CHEFS PERSPECTIVE In Goop Health, Gwyneth Paltrow’s annual wellness conference, held it’s third Los Angeles summit. I attended for the first time, with great anticipation. When her wellness website Goop first launched, I was working as a Campus Recruiter for an accounting firm in downtown LA. I subscribed to her weekly emails and would sit in my cubicle voraciously reading all the alternative health, food, and clean beauty tips, and wishing I could move my career into that arena.  Fast forward 10 years. Having made a total career change. I attended and graduated from a health focused culinary school and worked in farm-to-table restaurants. Now as a personal chef, I’ve made it to Mecca. I had high expectations for the conference seeing Goop as the guide to all things “alternative health and wellness”. What I admire about the media platform is their openness and vulnerability in discussing taboo ...Read More

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