My Go-To Fall Meal Prep Salad

Roasted vegetables with mixed greens & pesto dressing helps your mind & body flow with the change in season The summer to fall transition isn’t easy for everyone. If you’ve worked all summer and didn’t make time to play and take in the season, it is harder to embrace the change. I always find adjusting our diets to the season helps us mentally transition. In spring and summer we fill our diets with vegetables and plants that grow above ground such as leafy greens, green beans, stone fruit. In fall and winter we are soothed by food the grows deep into the ground. Root vegetables such as turnips, rutabagas, beets, parsnips, parsley root and burdock root. We also seek vegetables this time of year that grow right on the earths surface, like cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and yams. These vegetables make us feel grounded, connected to earth, hearty, soothing and a taste of home. Think about how the ...Read More

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